Refund Policy

  • User can apply for Refund only within 10 days of the purchase with an appropriate reason.
  • User has to raise a Ticket in Help Center under the refund section within this period.
  • If Refund Request is raised by any other mode like email / verbal communication as a primary intimation; it will not be considered as a Refund Request.
  • If the reason for the Refund is found 'Due to any mis-selling of the respective Sponsor' then the liability to cancel the distributorship for the Sponsor without any prior notice is at the discretion of the Management.
  • If any User raises a chargeback in bank for the transaction made after the refund period then appropiate action (Cancel/ Discontinue Distributorship) can be taken against the sponsor.
  • After approval of the refund from Refund Team, User will get settled amount within the next 15 days in their Bank Account.
  • No amount will be deducted for e-Points used and No income will be given on the work done by the user during that period.
  • Settlement will be done after deducting the whole amount received by the user for the services till date.
  • User will not be able to purchase ePoints for the next six months using the same PAN Card once refunded.

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